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Every year, an industry that is heavily reliant on technology undergoes significant changes. It’s challenging to keep up with the best practices in marketing because the landscape changes so quickly. Based on the latest trends, here are ten marketing tips to help you improve your strategy this year:

1. Look for ways to diversify your portfolio.

Most businesses’ marketing budgets today do not allow them to pursue every distribution channel simultaneously. It would help if you chose well which channels are most likely to yield high returns on your investment. So, by first researching your audience, look for ways to diversify your strategy. Identify niche sub-channels, such as YouTube or social media groups, where you can cut through the marketing noise. Then you can diversify your plan with confidence that the payoff will be worthwhile.


2. Accept Paid Social Media.

Facebook ads are used by 86 percent of social marketers, and the platform’s ad revenue continues to rise. Meanwhile, paid ad options have appeared on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and other media. The algorithms of social media platforms are being tweaked, making it clear to brands that paid promotion is required if they want to be recognized. Embracing paid social is a must if you wish your social strategy to maintain or gain traction.


3. Concentrate on the content you already have.

Today, most marketers recognize that to build a traffic base; they must create large volumes of content. They frequently place a premium on creating new content while ignoring the value of their existing assets. Pro marketing tip: In today’s competitive markets, it’s critical to maximize the value of your current content.

You can, for example:

      • Identify your most popular content and use the information to help you create new content.
      • Republish old content with new data, visuals, or perspectives for a wider audience.
      • Make an infographic, video, or slide deck out of old content. You can also make an ebook guide or report out of a series of blog posts.
      • Marketing Automation Designed with Agencies in Mind


4. Develop Brand Advocacy

When it comes to purchasing decisions, people look for recommendations from their peers. Customers are a valuable resource for reaching new audiences and increasing conversions. Create campaigns that incentivize your brand advocates to spread your message to get the most out of them. For example, you could start an online community or offer rewards for referrals. You can also make a custom hashtag and encourage people to use it.

Audi once took advantage of the #WantanR8 hashtag, which was created by a fan on Twitter. They surprised the Twitter user by allowing her to drive a R8 for a day, after which they used the hashtag to promote the vehicle and offer more free rides to Twitter followers:


5. Continually improve the user experience

Creating a message that resonates with your target market is only the first step toward online marketing success. It doesn’t matter how good your content is; it won’t convert unless you have a great website user experience (UX).

As a result, make sure you’re constantly testing and optimizing UX to achieve your marketing objectives. This includes speeding up your site and making it easier to navigate, as well as making sure your content is accessible on mobile devices.


6. Connect Online and Offline Strategies

In 2019, creating a consistent customer experience both online and offline is critical to memorable marketing. In-person events are increasingly being used by businesses to influence audiences and drive sales, but they are often thought of as separate from online marketing efforts. Determine what actions you want your audience to take after the event to get the most out of in-person marketing (e.g., engage with your emails, sign up for a free product demo, etc.). Create an in-person experience that will support them on their journey.

Marketing Automation Designed with Agencies in Mind

7. Authenticity should be a top priority.

This is one of our most crucial marketing suggestions. Consumers today are well aware that businesses create content with a specific plan in mind. Brands must develop better strategies to build authentic relationships with their audiences because they are unlikely to respond positively to salesy content. Creating live content is one of the best ways to prioritize authenticity in your marketing. Stream Facebook Live videos, host a live podcast, and so on. Make mistakes and go with the flow; you’ll be surprised at how well your audience will react.


8. Make Your Message Stick

There are only so many ways to use marketing to promote your products and services directly. It’s sometimes necessary to deviate from your primary marketing strategy to tell stories that make your brand more memorable and appealing. The more inventive you are with your storytelling, the more likely you are to stand out and boost your brand’s image.

Huggies, a diaper company, is an excellent example of a marketing campaign with this focus. They discovered studies that show hugs benefit babies by strengthening their immune systems, stabilizing vital signs, and improving brain development, among other things. This sparked the brand’s “No Baby Unhugged” campaign, which aims to raise awareness about the benefits of skin-to-skin contact among parents and provide volunteers in hospitals to hug babies in need:


9. Creating Partnerships

Advertising on social media and the internet is a great way to expand your reach. However, nothing beats the power of a strong recommendation from a trusted source. To reach a new audience and gain some social proof for your company, collaborate with other significant players in your industry. You can also hire micro-influencers to act as brand ambassadors on social media and in the blogosphere.


10. Make performance evaluation a long-term strategy.

Any seasoned marketer understands the value of performance analytics when it comes to optimizing their strategy. However, waiting until the end of a marketing campaign to analyze and adjust limits the benefits of performance analysis significantly.

Top marketers don’t rely on past results to guide future efforts; instead, they make real-time adjustments to their campaigns based on the most recent data. Your marketing automation platform should provide you with various tools for evaluating the success of your campaigns.


Keep Up With the Trend.

It takes more than adjusting your priorities year after year to have a strong marketing strategy. To stand out from the crowd, you must constantly be looking for new technologies and opportunities. Keep up with the latest tech and marketing advice to stay on top of the critical trends and changes you should be aware of. Contact us today to learn more about the Feels Good Revenue Growth Platform.