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A good user experience is one of the most important aspects of any digital marketing strategy. People are less likely to convert into customers or clients if they can’t get the information they require.

This implies that without user experience, or UX design, you simply cannot achieve your full digital marketing potential. You will suffer lower rankings, bounce rate, and fewer conversions if you do not have a good UX design.

Your website must meet the requirements of your visitors and make it simple for them to locate the information they want. This may be accomplished via straightforward design, simple navigation, and clear calls to action.

Experienced UX design firms have the expertise and experience to include these components in such a manner that they assist your site visitors in converting into customers, and they may have a beneficial effect on your entire online success.

This article will discuss what a UX design firm performs and how to locate one that meets your organisation’s requirements. Continue reading to find out more, and give us a call at 0790 086 502.

Don’t forget that we provide web design services to customers all over the country, so whether you require web design services in Nairobi or web design services in Mombasa, we have you covered.

What exactly does the Feels Good UX Design Team do?What exactly does the Feels Good UX Design Team do?

One of the most essential elements of any website is its user experience. If you offer a bad user experience, your bounce rate will usually rise, perhaps resulting in worse search engine ranks.

Furthermore, if your website is difficult to use, it is doubtful that your visitors would become clients. And, considering that 88 percent of users are less inclined to return to a website after a negative user experience, they are unlikely to return and try again later.

The goal of a UX design firm is to assist you in providing the best and most useful experience to consumers when they visit your website. To achieve this objective, the majority of them will follow the same fundamental procedure.

1. Do some research on your business.

In order for a UX design firm to provide the greatest possible user experience for your website visitors, they must first learn about your company, brand, and client base.

They’ll ask you about your goods and services to understand more about what your company offers consumers. They will also get feedback on your vision for the site to ensure that they remain on track with your branding and concepts.

They will then do research on your client base to determine who will engage with the design. In many instances, they will create user personas in order to better understand your target audience.

For example, if you operate an ecommerce apparel shop and your target audience is teens, your designer would build a website that appeals to their age group and Internet surfing habits.

A UX design firm will also investigate various methods of appealing to your target audience. They will provide suggestions for both aesthetic issues and features like as navigation and calls to action.

After getting to know your brand and your target audience, your UX design firm will have a better understanding of what they need to put on your site to offer a customized experience to your target audience.

2. Designing

One of the most important aspects of a great user experience is good design. In fact, design accounts for 94% of initial impressions. If your website does not impress visitors straight away, it is doubtful that they would return to it.
A UX design firm will ensure that all of your design components, such as your color palette, organization, and graphics, fit your brand and goal.

The majority of UX design firms start by developing a wireframe of how your website will be set out. You’ll be able to tell the designer what you like and don’t like about the design at this point, and they’ll be able to make changes before going ahead.

They’ll also strive to arrange your site in a manner that makes sense to visitors, as well as offer a navigation bar that allows them to easily locate what they’re searching for.

Your designer will also decide on the best method to integrate graphics and pictures. Because visual learners account for more than 65 percent of the population, adding visual material enhances your capacity to engage with visitors and educate them about your business. Images make your site design more appealing to look at and explore, and they may assist reduce bounce rate.

3. User testing and monitoring

Aside from aesthetic considerations, you should also consider how users interact with your site. A skilled UX designer can make all the difference in this situation.

User testing and tracking enable you to observe how people interact with pages on your website, such as how far down the page they scroll, what buttons they click, and how much time they spend on the page.

This data is used by UX designers to generate inferences about what sorts of improvements might improve your website.

For example, if a designer does a heat map test on your website and discovers that only 10% of visitors scroll far enough to view your most essential call to action, they may infer that it should be moved higher on the page.

They may also conduct A/B testing on various website components to see which version gets the greatest response from visitors.

For example, if your website has a blue button that blends in with the backdrop, a UX designer may experiment with a yellow button. The results of this A/B test will assist them in determining whether or not the color has an effect on your conversion rates.
A UX design firm will also monitor user behavior on your navigation and other interactive components to ensure that visitors can easily navigate and convert on your site.

This data may assist them in drawing judgments about how effectively your website moves visitors through your sales funnel. For example, if they discover that many of your clients add items to their ecommerce shopping cart but do not finish a transaction, they will examine your checkout process to uncover possible problems.

How to Find a UX Design Firm That Is Right For Your CompanyHow to Find a UX Design Firm That Is Right For Your Company

Finding the best UX design firm does not have to be a difficult job. However, while you do your study, there are a few things to bear in mind to help you make your choice.

Consider your financial situation.

Budget is an important consideration when selecting a UX design firm.

If you know you have a design budget, search for firms who disclose their prices on their websites. This allows you to properly compare businesses within this price range.

However, you should be wary of organizations that aren’t worth the money they demand for their services.

For example, if you come across a business with prices that seem to be too good to be true, request samples of their work and customer testimonials. Any reputable UX design firm will be able to supply you with them, and most will post them on their websites.

Search for portfolios.

Portfolios are the best way to see what a designer can do for you, and most companies now include them on their websites. Examining these portfolios may help you determine whether each organization can meet your needs.

When reviewing a web designer’s portfolio, check to see whether they’ve previously done any work in your sector. It may be a great comfort to know that they have expertise creating sites that deal with the same goods that your company does.

You can also check to see whether they regularly include important features that you like or desire on your own site. This may include features such as a short navigation bar, unique visuals throughout the text, or any number of other personal preferences.


Transparency is one of the most essential characteristics to look for in a prospective business partner.

Dealing with a company should always be open and honest about their services, and they should explain what to expect if you engage with them. With no hidden costs, they should be able to provide you an estimate straight away.

If any of the charges in your quotation don’t make sense, be sure to ask the designer what each fee is for and how it affects your site. The more information they are prepared to offer you up front, the more likely it is that you will be satisfied with your project.


If you like face-to-face meetings, consider location before hiring a UX design company.

Meetings in person are not necessary for web design projects since most work is done online, although this is a personal decision.

If you prefer in-person talks, search for a company nearby. This way, you won’t have to bother about setting up phone or Skype calls to discuss your project if that’s not your style.

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