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In the digital world, your company is either just getting its social media sea legs or is playing a fantastic game on the internet. Regardless of your brand’s level of expertise on social media, the foundations for the social sphere that a brand should begin with are Facebook and Twitter. On social media, every brand can find a niche and opportunities. Every day, businesses use social media to communicate, advertise, and grow their brands.

Knowing which goals and targets to set for your team is critical to social media success. Brands that are just getting started in the world of social media should concentrate on acquiring their target audience. More established brands should use social media to educate, raise awareness, and advocate for their customers.

Social media is a huge time sink for your company if you don’t have goals. Goals indicate how well the strategies in place are working.

What should your social media strategy checklist include?

Do you believe your brand is now prepared to sail into a brave new world? Yes? Congratulations! With high-speed broadband connections, you should now be ready to meet a global audience.

Where mobile devices are the primary means of content consumption, and Google performs stringent quality checks. Here is a checklist to help you create a social media strategy.

1. Obtain the support of the stakeholders.

Make sure that the key internal team members are on board with the goals before developing any social media strategy. The social team, sales and marketing professionals, creative teams, the C-suite, and brand ambassadors must all agree on the direction your social media strategies should take.

Appointing a leader is the best way to coordinate efforts within large groups. Large organizations can achieve this cohesion by appointing departmental directors to meet and agree on goal development.

2. Examine internal resources.

One method for developing a relevant social strategy is to analyze all internal sales and marketing assets. These assets primarily consist of client-facing content that has been published online, such as reports, white papers, messages, videos, mobile applications, and one-sheets. Analyzing these items will assist you in understanding the current brand promotion strategies and what should be changed or maintained.

3. Examine your social media activities in 2021.

Only by reviewing the entire year’s social media activity can you determine how effective it has been in driving customer engagement and conversions. To conduct a review, make a list of all the company pages, such as blogs, social networks, and forums, where your company has been actively posting.

The following step is to assess how you communicate, what you share, how frequently you post, your level of engagement, and the type of response you receive. To analyze posts, you can use social media management and monitoring systems such as Hootsuite, Digimind, or Sprout Social, among others. These systems’ built-in analytics will perform a performance evaluation for you.

4. Examine Your SEO System.

In an SEO program, keywords are everything. To evaluate the effectiveness of your SEO strategies, ask yourself the following questions:

In 2021, what business-related keywords will generate qualified leads for your company?

How have you used your SEO knowledge to improve your online visibility through social media?

Do you track the effectiveness of your SEO efforts using Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools?


Forums such as Google+, Twitter, and YouTube have a direct impact on your search engine rankings. As a result, you must be familiar with how SEO programs operate and their impact on social media activity.

5. Create a plan for your 2021 social media goals.

What do you offer your customers? Whatever product or service you are marketing, your social media marketing strategy should be focused on increasing customer engagement. Creating social media goals for your company does not have to be difficult. Many times, the objectives are the same as your business objectives, combined with an understanding of your target market. Forum marketing serves as a means of communication between you and your customers.

It interacts with the intended audience in the following ways:

Providing customers with information about new brands, products, and services.

Social media managers are excellent at providing online customer service.

The goal of product and service promotions is to increase customer engagement.

Online education campaigns for customers.

Social media elevates your brand’s authority, transforming you into a thought-leader with whom clients want to engage.

The best platform for creating viral product content is social media.

If you’re selling a business solution, your digital marketing goal should be customer engagement and lead generation. As a result, the content you publish should inform, educate, and provide clients with solutions to their problems. If you are selling a product, your goal may be to use forums to gain new customers through product promotions such as giveaways.

Terms like “increasing followers/fans” should be replaced with forums buzzwords like “engagement, conversion, viral factoring,” and so on. Only after you’ve determined your true objectives can you create a digital content marketing strategy that will benefit your clients.

Why shouldn’t you rely entirely on forums for your business?

We’ve seen how important it is to set social media goals for your company and create a checklist to help you along the way. Let us now get down to business and set actual goals that will change the way your company operates.

Defining the broad goal

You’ve set up a social media account or multiple accounts on various forums, which is fantastic!
Congratulations, you have defined a broad objective if you have a goal in mind for how these accounts should help your business. Setting goals becomes much easier when you have a general goal in mind.

If you run a startup company, on the other hand, your online content should be geared toward raising awareness of your new brand. Follow this up with marketing posts to generate leads that will lead to conversions.
Large corporations already have a customer base that may be loyal to them as long as the product meets their needs. These businesses use their forums’ presence to provide excellent customer service. Good customer service is critical to retaining existing clients and maintaining brand loyalty.

Once the broad goal has been defined, regular day-to-day decisions are made to guide the business toward that goal. These nitty-gritty decisions that follow are referred to as specific goals.

How SMART are your goals?

This is where we deal with the nitty-gritty decisions we discussed earlier. It is the small decisions that are important, and they must be SMART. Yes, this is the cliche abbreviation you’ve heard numerous times in a variety of unrelated situations. However, it is still a tremendously effective marketing tool.

SMART goal settingHere’s how to use the SMART-o-meter to check your goals:

Specific-This means that the goal should be well-defined and straightforward. The more specific the target, the easier it will be to hone in on it.
For example, where/how do I want to increase social media engagement for my company? Are you on Twitter or LinkedIn? How do I want to encourage social media participation?

Measurable-use numbers to quantify your goal. Don’t worry about analyzing the math; social media analytics will handle that for you.
For instance, how many likes should I increase my Facebook likes per post by? Which is better, 100 or 300?

Achievable- Dream big for your company, but dream within your means (time and money).
For example, increasing post engagement by 50% seems unrealistic; how about 10%?

Relevant- You should set goals that are pertinent to your business.
For example, increasing engagement in my business posts is important to my social media strategy because it raises brand awareness and visibility in the community.

Timely- The goals should be time-sensitive, with a time frame such as a year or three months.
For instance, should I aim to complete my tasks within a year? Is it a three-month target?

The SMART-o-meter produces focused, actionable, and quantifiable goal-setting.

When establishing your forum goals, it is critical to take them slowly and not overburden yourself. It is acceptable, to begin with, one goal and one social media strategy at a time. Spacing will give you a better chance of improving the most important forum metrics you’ve identified. On the other hand, if you try to work on all of your goals at once, you risk not making the desired quality improvements. Furthermore, you will not be able to pinpoint the source of improvements so that you can concentrate your efforts on them.

By following The Feels Good Company’s comprehensive guide, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a social media guru in no time. Please contact us if you have any further questions.