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Feels Good tm Convictions On Culture And Inclusion

Like the rest of the team, Feels Good Management is a leader in culture and inclusion in the workplace. No one doubts the enormity of the challenge ahead of us, but we have made enormous strides toward a more inclusive and equal society.

For the firm’s current success, leaders and their employees share a desire to create a culture that allows supervisors to be as supportive as possible while the company enjoys the autonomy Feels Good is recognized for. Here’s why we value inclusion and diversity.

Empowerment and Recognition

Diverse and inclusive businesses produce creative results. Ensuring workplace inclusiveness is a problem for the IT sector.

Finding motivated women in IT was difficult. But, as the numbers show, women in computers are underpaid and face discrimination on par with males, therefore most quit within a year.

Aiming to empower all women it works with, Feels Good treats them fairly and allows them to develop their individual skills.


A change in company procedures might be tough, but it can also be beneficial. Most companies implement change to achieve a competitive advantage, and many say that diverse teams outperform homogeneous teams. We are always thinking of new ways to make our own and our customers’ experiences more pleasurable, interesting, and rewarding.

Feels Good defies social norms and prejudices that favor hiring and rewarding individuals who “fit,” because exclusion is the result. The organization’s system and process are redesigned, and everyone who finds the organization’s mission fit with their own is already welcomed to put out their ideas, which we all spark together.

Equality, diversity, culture, and inclusion are all investments for us, from the most senior to the most junior. It refers to the entire functioning as a result of each individual’s work and participation.

When you’re a part of The Feels Good Company, you’re already ahead of the curve.

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  1. Mark N.
    July 2, 2021

    Thanks for this Feed Rachael, Culture and inclusion is essential for any startup company and I do perceive you as a valued member of our company.


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