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Simplify your work to get more done. Plan, track, and manage any sort of work with an innovative software that adapts to the demands of your team.
Feels Good HMIS
Hospital Management Software It has 25+ modules and an 8-user panel (Super Admin, Admin, Doctor, Accountant, Pathologist, Radiologist, Receptionist, and Patient).
School suite
School Management Software Our school administration system is incredibly dependable, straightforward, and simple to use. It can handle all of your school, college, university, and other educational institution management needs, removing the need for time-consuming manual processes. When it comes to maintaining a School Management System, dependability is crucial.


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What’s The Feels Good Affiliate Program?

With a high conversion rate, feels good presents an opportunity to earn a substantial sum of money. We’ve included a chart that illustrates how payments are made and how frequently they occur.

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For every successful sale, We will be paying 20% (annual and one off contract) of the amount agreed with the client or a monthly wage of 10% if its a monthly contract

Other Services Affiliate

For every successful sale, We will be paying 10% (one off contract) of the amount agreed with the client.

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