User Experience Researcher

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Job Overview

Feels Good is seeking an enthusiastic User Experience Researcher to help us rethink how people work. We’re committed to saving people time in all aspects of their lives – so they can spend more time doing what they love.

Our softwares are the first of their type to work for small enterprises as well as large corporations. You should like the challenge of creating complicated and powerful user interfaces that are also simple to use.

We like allowing designers to work quickly and efficiently while yet making our software simple and enjoyable to use. We’re growing fast, and as a result, we’re looking for teammates that share our fundamental beliefs, understand how to get things done, and would contribute significantly to our very driven culture.

We were designated the fastest-growing productivity business in 2021, which was made possible by our enthusiastic and high-energy staff, which supports growth across the board.

Our Expectations on all applicants

Love your work. Join your dream team.

  • The Role:
  • Qualifications:
  • Exras

You will be responsible for studying, enhancing, and aiding in the creation of intuitive experiences on Feels Good as a UX Researcher. Your role is to serve as the voice of the user, collaborating with the Product and Design teams, by conducting original research and using an internal and external network of research partners. Your contribution will give Product Managers with the information they need to determine which additions will assist increase adoption while also improving existing ease of use.

  • Defining, advocating for, and implementing a research plan that is consistent with Feels Good's overall goals and strategy.
  • Collaborate with data scientists to test and optimize UI components on a continual basis.
  • Oversee a significant product project aimed at "easifying" the onboarding and adoption of new users.
  • Design user journeys for users with varying degrees of experience.
  • Manage all aspects of conducting usability research, including recruiting and screening participants, scheduling sessions, and developing test plans and scripts.
  • Generate reports based on trends and user surveys, evaluating data, and communicating findings to team members, key stakeholders, and management.
  • Facilitate meetings with stakeholders to ascertain research requirements, define research objectives, and develop research strategies.
  • Providing Product Managers with frequent research reports and insights.
  • Capability of creating simple, beautiful designs.
  • At least two years of experience as a product designer or UI/UX designer.
  • Ability to work independently and creatively.
  • Analyze and improve user behavior and trends using data.
  • Networks of industry or academia researchers that are active.
  • Proficiency in defining, managing, and prioritizing tasks across organizational boundaries.
  • Superior communication, presentation, interpersonal, and analytical abilities; ability to convey research effectively and convincingly to a variety of audiences and organizational levels.
  • Anthropology, Human-Computer Interactions, Communication or Cultural Studies, Social Sciences, or User Experience (UX) or a related humanities subject.
  • At least two years of experience conducting user research, market research, social science, or qualitative research.
  • Subject Matter Expert (SME): at least two years of independent research as shown by publications, reports, white papers, case studies, and/or product impact.
  • You're passionate about design and want to work in an environment where your work will have a significant influence
  • You'll get the opportunity to collaborate with a broad group of thinking leaders.
  • You are a product person. You are imaginative, but also value data.
  • You are prepared to devote yourself entirely to this product.
  • You believe in the objective of increasing global productivity.
  • You regard yourself as DIFFERENT and EXTRAORDINARY.

Feels GoodTm

Our Benefits

Here is what you will get from us

Opportunity to earn equity in fast growing company

Opportunity for cash


To be Discussed

Per Month

To be Discussed

Health insurance (40% of premium paid)

Due in 3 Months

Continued learning (Access to tons of paid courses)

Application Process

  • 1. Application Review
  • 2. Initial Interview
  • 3. Online Assessment
  • 4. Decision / Offer
  • 5. Career Launch

Step 1. Application Review

Before getting a job, you need first complete an application on the company's website.

Step 2. Initial Interview

The applicants' résumé will be assessed by Feels Good employees who are trained in resume screening and assigned to a specific job area.

Step 3. Online Assessment

Depending on the position you apply to, you may be requested to take some of our online tests.

Step 4. Decision / Offers

You'll be updated whenever we get new information about your application's progress. Please get in touch if you would want to get feedback following an interview.

Step 5. Career Launch

Take off into a future of increased productivity and limitless opportunities.