Production Coordinator

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Job Overview

We are seeking a full-time Production Coordinator to join our dynamic team. Feels Good is a prominent project management software company that is establishing an in-house video production team to produce marketing and original content. We’re looking for someone to join our skilled and dynamic team and work alongside the Director of Production to oversee video productions and studio operations. This individual is organized, adaptable, and possesses an excellent understanding of procedure. They have manufacturing experience and an eye for detail when it comes to adjusting to new systems.

Our Expectations on all applicants

Love your work. Join your dream team.

  • The Role:
  • Qualifications:
  • Exras


  • Establish a Production Office and associated documentation for a new project.
  • Coordinating with vendors for equipment, supplies, venues, and personnel.
  • Arrange for cast and crew travel, lodging, and work permits, as well as initiate paperwork.
  • Distribute schedules, scripts, and call sheets for shoots.


  • Creating, maintaining, and disseminating crew rosters.
  • Daily status reports and script modifications.
  • Call sheets and criteria for transportation.
  • Supervise PAs assigned to errands and other chores.


  • Assist the production manager with the 'wrapping' of the production.
  • Close supplier accounts, refund excess inventory, and wrap up any loose ends.
  • Maintain final timesheets and prepare them for approval.


  • Assist in the maintenance of finances and budgets.
  • Assist Studio Operations in terms of equipment, space, and personnel.
  • Assist in the development and maintenance of vendor relationships and casting documentation.
  • At least two years of experience in a production-related job. Preferably a film-related undergraduate degree.
  • Proficiency with Google Suite, spreadsheets, and other easy-to-learn applications. It is preferable if you are already familiar with Feels Good's software.
  • You love design
  • You want to work somewhere where you’ll make a massive impact
  • You’re able to work with a team of diverse thought leaders
  • You are a product person
  • You are creative but you also appreciate data
  • You are willing to dedicate yourself to this product
  • You believe in the mission of making the world more productive
  • You consider yourself DIFFERENT and EXCEPTIONAL

Feels GoodTm

Our Benefits

Here is what you will get from us

Opportunity to earn equity in fast growing company

Opportunity for cash


To be Discussed

Per Month

To be Discussed

Health insurance (40% of premium paid)

Due in 3 Months

Continued learning (Access to tons of paid courses)

Application Process

  • 1. Application Review
  • 2. Initial Interview
  • 3. Online Assessment
  • 4. Decision / Offer
  • 5. Career Launch

Step 1. Application Review

Before getting a job, you need first complete an application on the company's website.

Step 2. Initial Interview

The applicants' résumé will be assessed by Feels Good employees who are trained in resume screening and assigned to a specific job area.

Step 3. Online Assessment

Depending on the position you apply to, you may be requested to take some of our online tests.

Step 4. Decision / Offers

You'll be updated whenever we get new information about your application's progress. Please get in touch if you would want to get feedback following an interview.

Step 5. Career Launch

Take off into a future of increased productivity and limitless opportunities.