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From small businesses to multibillion-dollar corporations, the importance of social media in influencing conversations is becoming more widely recognized. Because of the growing popularity of social media, businesses and organizations can now effectively drive their marketing and branding campaigns. Brand awareness is now vital to any business. According to 90% of all marketers, these forums have significantly increased their company’s exposure.

Africa is making great strides in the digital future, with 89.8% of the country’s population using the internet in Kenya, also known as the Silicon Savannah. Furthermore, that is an incredible number of consumers in Kenya alone who are just waiting to click the right button to learn about what businesses have to offer!

Why Is Social Media Management So Important?

Why Is Social Media Management So Important?The majority of people are online, and intelligent business people follow them there. Forums such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Whatsapp have become invaluable tools for marketing products and services. 

As such, many people believe that social media management entails responding to customer questions in the forum, but this is not the case. In fact, social media management necessitates skills to effectively navigate these online social platforms and successfully sell a brand. 

This is why businesses require the services of a social media expert who can shape a brand’s social media strategy and create relatable content. A social media manager can meet these requirements by taking on multiple roles, such as;

A strategic thinker

A creative person

An entrepreneur in marketing

A professional analyst

A member of the customer service team.

On the whole, every good forum manager should have several marketing skills. These diverse skills, which cut across various traditional disciplines, drive results and increase brand visibility.

Let’s go over 9 of these abilities in more detail below.

1. Directed communication.

Reliable Communication is the essential skill that a competent social media manager should have. Besides, Someone whose primary responsibility is to connect with others must be able to communicate effectively with them. 

A forum manager can comprehend their target audience and connect with them in a relatable manner appropriate for any media form, platform, character count, or audience. 

This includes everything from jumping into trending topics and handling customer complaints to effectively communicating with employers, peers, and team collaborators.

2. Composition and Editing.

On social media, written content and language can be casual. However, keep in mind that shared content and messaging represent a brand’s public voice and, as such, must be professional. 

Competent forum managers can write and edit well, combining excellent copywriting with sparkling digital conversation. Moreover, an attention-grabbing copy should be written briefly to start the right conversations and create engaging content that is enjoyable to read.

3. Inventiveness.

Most social media channels allow brands to connect with their customers on a more personal level. So, a touch of creativity, a sense of humour, and a voice that the target audience can relate to are all must-have skills for a social media manager. 

Brand content should be exciting and viral. Forum managers can, with the right amount of imagination;

Produce visually appealing content.

Create innovative and daring social campaigns.

Refine and amplify a brand’s voice and persona.

4. Management abilities.

Managing social media channels for any brand or business necessitates some level of expertise. As such, when working alone, a forum manager must treat each media channel under their control as a separate project with short and long-term goals, in addition to having an overall social media plan. 

As part of a team, a forum manager must manage the people with whom they work, lead productive brainstorming sessions, and be as articulate as possible.

5. Traditional as well as digital marketing.

Social media connects marketing, customer service, and sales while also providing valuable business intelligence. Nonetheless, 47% of social marketers say it is difficult to develop social strategies that support overall business goals. 

An excellent forum manager must be familiar with both traditional and digital marketing strategies such as events, email, public relations, lead generation, and so on. This enables them to link social strategy to more significant business and marketing objectives, resulting in improved customer interaction and sales.

6. Customer Service.

On social media, two-way communication is required. Therefore, Forums management necessitates combining people’s skills, customer service, and an eye for spotting opportunities. With so many online customers requiring constant and timely communication, developing a social customer care strategy to manage them is essential. 

Hence, to be proactive about customer concerns, demands, and inquiries, a forum manager requires intelligence as well as a liberal dash of patience and discipline.

7. Establishing Links.

To successfully navigate the turbulent waters of social media, one must be naturally social. Further, developing and strengthening digital relationships is an essential component of any social media manager’s strategy. 

To communicate effectively in a forum, brands must connect with their customers by speaking their language. In any case, being well-versed in current events will increase engagement and make a brand a part of trending conversations.

8. Flexibility and agility.

Social media is a fast-paced environment in which trends can quickly become obsolete. As so, Monitoring trends and responding to new opportunities or crises is a valuable social skill for any social media manager. Such agility and adaptability allow for empathetic and relatable customer communication.

Social strategies must be as adaptable and dynamic as the platforms for which they are designed. Learning from data and listening to feedback will assist brands in incorporating business changes into their forum strategies or recovering from less-than-desirable outcomes.

9. Data Analysis.

Forums managers who are skilled can collect, interpret, and act on qualitative and quantitative data. With the growing importance of social listening, this is a valuable skill to have. 

Using the correct data, a forum manager can identify trends, determine whether a forum strategy is working, and make recommendations for improvements. 

Data Analysis.Knowledge of general SEO practices and how search engines handle social media posts are examples of specific skills. The best forum management for your company will include a combination of the skills listed above, as well as others. With the world now accessible with the click of a button, a forum manager is an invaluable asset to any company looking to redefine their ROI(Return on Investment). 

With Kenya leading the way in social media consumption in Africa, it is time to capitalize on the marketing resources that this forum presents today.

Are you ready to connect?

If you want to improve your company’s social marketing efforts, you need a fool-proof social media strategy. At the Feels Good Company, we deliver efficient and collaborative forums campaigns that optimize your brand and increase your performance metrics.