A new way to earn with
The Feels Good Company!

Join the Feels Good Marketing Affiliate program and earn up to 20% project fee for every new customer you refer.

How it works

On every successful deal placed by your referral, will pay up to 20% of the original deal made between the client and the company. As a creative design company, we will be providing all the marketing and campaign elements and products required for a successful affiliate career and relationship with us.

Apply for an Account

We love vetting out affiliates to make sure that we are working only with the very best. Data is collected regarding your followers on social media such as the number of followers, age bracket, and the probability of earning future prospect from your list.

Getting you Ready

Upon approval, we hook you up will all the items which we think are vital for your campaign commencement. Such items include posters and videos designed to help you reach and interact with more potential customers.

Research Hub

We love new ideas and as an affiliate, you are part of a greater team. By enlightening us with new ideas which might help our company enhance it's marketing skills, our research team will compensate you for any given success rate of your idea.

Getting Paid

We normally do Mpesa or Bank Deposits once your prospect has agreed to work with us and has made the first deposit. You will be regularly updated on the ongoing negotiations upon a successful deal, you will be alerted as well.

Feels Good Affiliates earn a lot per month.

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